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Ostium Podcast

Nov 4, 2018

Hey everyone, Alex C. Telander here. A couple of announcements.

First, the Audioverseawards final voting is now going on. This is the last week of voting. I’m up for a writing in an ongoing series award for Ostium, so if you like what I write, please head on over to, click on the button that says VOTE FOR FINALISTS and vote for me, and all your other favorite podcasts.

Second, and continuing the theme of voting, this Tuesday, November 6th is voting day for the midterm elections here in the United States, and I want to offer a reward for everyone who votes. The reward is the new episode of Ostium Episode 27: The Other Side, which you’ll get five days before the regular release. All you have to do is email a photo of you wearing you’re I VOTED sticker to and I’ll email you the new episode. Simple as that! So make sure you head out to the polls on Tuesday to vote and get yourself an early release of the new Ostium episode!