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Ostium Podcast

Jul 15, 2018

Welcome to the complete Ostium Season One (Remastered) - Part Two. I know. That's a mouthful. So let's break it up into its separate parts.

The Complete Ostium Season One: That's right, we're releasing the entire season one without the chit-chat before and after the episode so new fans can gobble up the whole season much faster and quickly get caught up.

Remastered: When I first started making Ostium, it was my introduction to podcasts and sound design and producing. Since then I've learned a lot, and wanted to clean up and equalize the sound so the episodes were more even and cleaner, also there were a few sound effects I wanted to fix.

Part Two: I've divided this "complete" season one into three parts. Because Part One is two hours long. Part Two is an hour and 24 minutes long. Part Three is two hours and three minutes long. These parts follow the three story-arcs of the first season.

Part Two consists of episodes five through seven, as we are introduced to Monica, Jake gets to know Monica, and they have some unexpected visitors.

Episode 5: A.W.O.L.

Episode 6: Dialogues

Episode 7: Visitors

All episodes were written and produced by Alex C. Telander.

The part of Jake Fisher is performed by Chris Fletcher.

The past of Monica is performed by Georgia Mckenzie.

Interstitial music pieces were composed by Chris Fletcher.

Background music is courtesy of the incredible people at the Free Music Archive.

All sound effects are courtesy of the talented people at

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